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From Katrina wreckage, New Orleans public golf shines again

On April 21, Bayou Oaks City Park South Course . A little more than a driver-5-iron from the third green stands 685 units of mixed-income housing spanning 13 city blocks complete with schools, recreation and support services on the site of the former St. Bernard public housing development. Columbia Parc is the first community after the East Lake Foundation to implement what is now called the Purpose Built Communities model of neighborhood transformation that has expanded to 16 other communities. At Columbia Parc, there is a 26-month waiting list to live there.

SOURCE: Morning Read

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Good Works Show – NewsRadio 106.7

The East Lake neighborhood that people know today is not one and the same of 25 years ago. Formerly overrun with blight and crime, the community has seen a resurgence and revitalization, offering a safe place for families to live and grow.

Much of this transformation is thanks to The East Lake Foundation, a community nonprofit whose mission is to redevelop the area through mixed-income housing, cradle-to-college education, and community wellness.

SOURCE: Good Works Show - NewsRadio 106.7

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