• 99% Violent crime down
  • 100% Drew Charter School seniors expected to graduate
  • 100% Eligible adults in The Villages of East Lake working

Then (1995)

  • 650 dilapidated, dangerous public housing apartment units
  • Crime rates were 18 times higher than the national average
  • Employment rate of only 13.5%
  • Only 5% of the fifth graders at the local elementary school were able to meet or exceed state standards for math
  • High School graduation rate was less than 30%

Now (2022)

  • The Villages of East Lake is a beautiful and thriving, mixed-income community with 650 apartments, townhouses and duplexes.
  • Violent crime has been reduced by 99%
  • 100% of adults receiving government housing assistance in The Villages of East Lake are working or in job training
  • Drew Charter School is a top ranked Elementary, Middle and High School in Atlanta Public Schools
  • Drew Charter School graduated 99% of its Class of 2021