Working Together for Better Opportunities

The East Lake Foundation continues its work to transform place and build promise in the East Lake neighborhood. We made great strides in 2018, and we are grateful to all the partners, supporters and residents who make our success possible.

The East Lake Foundation provides the tools for families of The Villages of East Lake and students of Drew Charter School to build a better life for themselves and future generations through

  • Cradle-to-College Education
  • Mixed-Income Housing
  • Community Wellness


Impacting Lives of Residents

For more than two decades, we have utilized our coordinated holistic approach to community revitalization to build a stronger, healthier community in East Lake and ensure lasting, sustainable success.

ELF Model

A Foundation That Works

A Model That Works

The successful transformation in East Lake became the blueprint for establishing Purpose Built Communities, which continues to build strong, economically diverse communities across the country. As the Community Quarterback organization in East Lake, we work within a Defined Neighborhood to provide programs and resources to ensure access to Cradle-to-College Education, Quality Mixed-Income Housing and Community Wellness programs that benefit all residents.

East Lake by the Numbers

Drew Charter School

Charles R. Drew Charter School serves more than 1,800 students in Pre-K through 12th grade with an innovative Project-Based learning approach centered around a STEAM curriculum.

Drew Senior (#1), Junior (#2) and Elementary (#6) Academies each rank in the Top 10 in all of Atlanta Public Schools (APS). Drew consistently ranks in the top 10% in APS and top 20% in the State of Georgia.

RISE After School Program

R.I.S.E. (Recreation. Innovation. STEAMulation. Education) is a comprehensive after school program for Pre-K through 5th grade students operating from 4:00PM to 6:00PM daily, offering students opportunities to participate in special events and clubs.

We are grateful for the support of the East Lake Women’s Alliance and our partnerships with the Chattahoochee Nature Center, Westminster Math & Science Club, See Beautiful and Most Valuable Kids. These partnerships have provided students with opportunities to learn, build community and attend local events.

RCSP Program

The Resident and Community Support Program (RCSP) offers resources and support to residents of The Villages of East Lake mixed-income housing community, with an emphasis on economic stability, career development and community engagement.

RCSP teams with several community partners to enhance employment readiness through financial education workshops, including: financial education, entrepreneurship, homeowner education, and career coaching. Residents also receive access to job resources, financial tools, small business start up assistance, and much more.

The First Tee® of East Lake

The First Tee of East Lake is a year-round golf instruction and mentoring program that uses the principles of golf, including discipline, hard work, sportsmanship and integrity to enhance academic achievement and life skills for youth participants (ages 5-17).

Golf instruction also provides access to college scholarships, business connections and employment. Our chapter is one of many in The First Tee® network.

Start:ME Program

Start:ME East Lake is a 14-session program in partnership with Social Enterprise @ Goizueta at Emory University that offers the assistance promising micro-entrepreneurs need to develop viable and sustainable microbusinesses.

Since its inception, Start:ME East Lake has graduated 4 Cohorts with 61 ventures, 91% of which are still operational and 88% female/minority-owned. These efforts have received over $75K in community capital funding.

In 2018, 27% of the participants were residents of The Villages of East Lake, 47% of the participants were Drew Charter School parents, and 67% of the businesses were minority-owned.

ELHC Program

East Lake Healthy Connections (ELHC), a program managed by the East Lake Family YMCA, ensures all eligible East Lake families have access to health insurance, effectively utilize primary and preventive health care services, properly manage chronic diseases, and establish contact with accessible medical homes.

Neighborhood Stories

A Neighborhood that Works

Nearly 25 years after the revitalization of East Lake began, residents and students continue to provide compelling stories about the East Lake Foundation’s profound impact. Here we highlight just a few of the many wonderful experiences.


Today’s Investment in Tomorrow’s Promise

The East Lake Foundation’s work would not be possible without the generous support of the individuals, businesses and partners that believe in our mission and understand the value of giving back to the community.

Our Donors

Visionary: $25,000 and above

Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Charles and Esther Lee Kimerling Charitable Foundation
Correll Family Foundation, Inc.
Georgia Power Foundation, Inc.
Golf for Goodness Sake
J.B. Fuqua Foundation
Jack & Anne Glenn Foundation
United Way of Greater Atlanta/Joseph B. Whitehead Foundation
Nonami Foundation
Rotary Educational Foundation of Atlanta, Inc.

Innovator: $10,000-$24,999

Chick-fil-A Foundation
Connolly Family Foundation, Inc.
Lisa and Paul Cox
David, Helen, and Marian Woodward Fund
Ford Motor Company Fund
Georgia-Pacific Foundation, Inc.
Jillian and Raymond Giornelli
The Home Depot Foundation
J.Rich Atlanta
John H. & Wilhelmina D. Harland Charitable Foundation, Inc.
PGA Tour Superstore
PNC Foundation
Price Gilbert, Jr. Charitable Fund
Robertson Foundation
Lin Rogers
U.S. Bank Foundation
Wells Fargo
Christopher Womack

Leader: $5,000-$9,999

Mary Bergh
Harvey Brown
Jeannette Chu
Cheryl and Jim Dupree
Fulcrum Equity Partners
Lillian and Greg Giornelli
Stephen Harrington
Anne and Matt Hopkins
Ida Alice Ryan Charitable Trust
John and Mary Franklin Foundation, Inc.
Liz and Mark Lazarus
McKenney’s, Inc.
Northern Trust
Onome Okuma
Passion City Church
Stacy and Paul Quiros
Alex Robertson
Ray Robinson
Letal and Shawn N. Skelton
Susan and Michael Smith
World Golf Foundation

Builder: $2,500-$4,999

African American Credit Union Coalition
Marcy and Ronald W. Allen
Julie and James Balloun
April Battiste
Andrew Bayman
Pam and Rick Burton
James and Lucia Case
CF Foundation
The Club of Hearts, Inc.
Lane and Richard Courts, IV
Covenant Foundation
Cameron and Bryan DeBarry
Paul Farrell
Connie and John Frazer
Georgia Chapter CMAA
Suzanne and Edward Godfrey
Jane and Derek Hardesty
Bonnie and Jon Harris, Jr.
Helen & Harry Saul Foundation, Inc.
Melinda and Philip Holladay, Jr.
Amy and Bill Hollett
Jenny and Phil Jacobs
Erika James
Robert Johnston
Lindsey and Joshua Kamin
Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP
Aldo L. LaFiandra
The LPGA Foundation
Karen and Eugene Lynch
Luke Maslow
Medalist Capital
Men-4-Meck Charlotte
Anna and Andrew Navratil
William Pate
Swati and Rahul Patel
Leslie and Hunter Pierson
Alan J. Prince
Mark Rahiya
Cecelia and David Ratcliffe
Julia and Hamilton Reynolds
Rodney Sanders
Sandler O’Neill & Partners, L.P.
Lawrence Schall
Doc Schneider
Jenny and Greg Schulz
Nathanael Seymour
Dorothy and Miles Snowden
Southern Company
Cindy and Ryan Swenson
Thomas H. Lanier Family Foundation
Thomas Thomasma
United Way of Greater Atlanta
Cary and Herron Weems
Robert A. West
Christopher Witcher

Partner: $250-$999

Ronald Alston
Atlanta Pride Committee, Inc.
Eric Ayers
David Balser
Timothy Barber
Rachel Gage and Kevin Belote
Richard Bent
David and Wren Carlson
Nicholas Clendenin
Jessica and Brian Corley
Allison Countryman
Emily and Peter Crisp
Betsy and Bob Crosby
Reginald Dawson
Kristen and Mark DiCristina
Tobars Dobbs
Angela M. Fusaro and Jeffrey Eliason
Cynthia and John Ethridge
Paul Ferdinands
FinTek Group, Inc.
For the Kid in All of Us
Shirley Franklin
Keith Hadelman
Marti and Sam Hagan
Mary Stewart and Christopher Hagy
Mary Lou and John Hall
Nicholas Hill
Lisa Hoggard
Ursula and Willis Hunt
Diane and Rick Jerue
T’Leatha and Arthur Johnson
Barbara and Michael Johnston
Elena Kaplan
Richard Kessler, Jr.
Leila and Charles Konas
Mike Lazzo
Katherine Lindholm and Neil Lewis
Carroll and Alfred Lindseth
Sabrina Long
Jennifer Ware McCrary
Wangui Mckelvey
Barbara and Alan McKnight
Peter McKnight
Carla and Arthur Mills, IV
Brittany and John Molinaro
Pete Moraitakis
Brian Doyle-Murray
Muthig Environmental Inc.
James Napier
Rhonda and Bert Ponder
B. Warren Pope
Jim Sawyer
Daniel J. Shoy, Jr
Marcia and John Shurley
Marc Solow
Janie and James Stratigos
Carl Swearingen
Tradition Trees
Jonathan Tugman
Sonya and Mark Verrill
Kim and Chip Wallace
Kathy Waller
Oran Woodall
Catherine Woodling and Evan Strange

Friend: $1-$250

Jane Agati
Carolyn and Tucker Alford
Judith and Camillus Avent
Newell Baker
Raymond Baltz, Jr.
Chris Beddow
Lee and Bob Birdsong
Eugene Blair Jr.
Thomas Blalock
Jessie Bond
Rita Breen
Elwyn Bridges
Decatur Eye Care
Gary Brochin
Lisa and Stewart Cink
Tom Clegg
Richard Coxe
Audra Cunningham
Monique and Ethan Davidson
Angela Michelle Denson
Don Doran
Martin Dugan
Jaren Dunning
Marie and Jeff Dunovant
Jan and Bob Espy
Allison Fillmore
Rhonda and Charles Fischer
Tara and Mark Flickinger
The K Foundation
Friend of East Lake
Christian Geltz, D.O.
James Girard
John Haberlen
Erin Hames
Susan Harrell
Valerie Hartman
Gene Hawkins
Robert Hearn, Jr.
Ruby and Jack Heath
Paula Bond Heller
Mrs. Nathan Hendricks, III
Roy Herring
Adrienne and Mark Howard
Pauline Howes
Aaron James
Edward Lee Jennings, Jr.
Sandra Kellner
Kevin Kirchner
Tiffany and Bruce Kirst
Stacey French-Lee
Susan and Chris Leiner
Shannon Longino
Brittny and Richard Lott
Lindsey and Kevin Luczynski
Marie and Stephen Macadam
Terry Mitchell, Sr.
Chris Molen
Letitia McDonald and William Muller
Carol and Tim Naughton
Les Oakes
Emily OBrien
Mindy and Joe Oglesby
Kan and Carl Parker
April Partridge
Kelley Harris and Jared Paul
Marie-Elysse and Michael Edward Paulhus
Lesa Adeboye’-Payne
Matt Recio
Chrissy and Keene Reese
Denise Reese
Victoria Greenhood and Robert Remar
Melanie and Russell Richards
Sara Kate Roberts
Betsy and Haynes Roberts
Gail Ronan
Mary Schaller
Harold Seldon
Charles Shelton, III
William Smith, Jr.
Becky Snider
Pinckney Stephens
Irene Stephens
Linda and Mason Stephenson
Elysa and Stan Sugarman
Elaine and Joe Sweigart
Nicole Patton Terry
Suzanne and Thomas Tewell
Tommy Thayer
Sharon and William Thomas
Kristina Kopf Thomas
Dennette Thornton
Kristen and Jim Weathersby
Vance Wilder
Janice Wittschiebe
Ruth Woodling
Richard Woods
Sheila Wyatt
Ketiwe Zipperer

In Tribute


Ann and Thomas G. Cousins

CF Foundation
Harry & Telside Howard
Michael B. Hagearty
Sarah and Leroy Simkins

Caroline Kenney and Chad Cox

Megan D. Kumming

Jay Davis

Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta

James Don Edwards

Arthur and T’Leatha Johnson
Carol R. Naughton

Jim Edwards

CF Foundation

Lillian and Greg Giornelli

Elizabeth and Richard Chandler

Xander Greene

Jill and G. Jeff White

Charles and Sylvia Harrison

Marcia and John Shurley

Jane and Clay Jackson

Ted and Molly Lucien

Luke H. Maslow

Margaret and Lester Kobylar

Simone Obleton

Allison Countryman

Danny Shoy, Jr.

Corporate Volunteer Council

Christopher Witcher

William Witcher, Jr.

In Memory

Thomas J. Brieske

Jeanie Brieske

Joseph B. Dodd


William B. Estes III

Susan Harrod

Helen Harrison

Cindra and Dennis Cronin

Jimi Hodges

Jeffrey Armstrong

Joseph M. Maas

Mary and James Jarboe

John Mayoue

Caroline and David Smith
Celine and Arthur Reynolds
Cynthia and Greg Harris
J Richard Orr
James J. Davis
James R. Wilson
Kelly and Bert Madden
Kristine and Grant Morain
L. Dawn Mandeville, MD
Marcia Mayoue
Tammy and Glenn Kushel
Troy Ingham
William Barwick

Jerry and Joe Patrick

Patrick Family Foundation

Jacqueline Slaughter

Marilyn J. Hill and Lynne T. Slaughter

Steven W. Surbaugh

Nancy Surbaugh

Lorna and Ralph Venker

Jennifer and Tom Venker

Jonathan Ware

Marcia Ware

Tour Tribute

TOUR Championship Volunteer Tributes

Linda Stephenson
Susan Harrell
Mindy Oglesby
Tiffany Kirst

In Memory of Bill Lane

Phillip Read
Virginia Lane

Our Partners


Accounting for Progress

The East Lake Foundation maintains an overall strong financial position as a result of its careful stewardship of funds.



*These unaudited numbers reflect the revenue and expenses of the East Lake Foundation and its charitable contributions to its partners in the East Lake Initiative.


The Work Continues

The next chapter in the story of East Lake is already being written. 2019 promises to be another year of great achievements and wonderful discoveries. The work continues and we look forward to continued success and new opportunity.