Celebrating 25 Transformative Years

“They tore down hell and built heaven.”

This is a quote from the late Eva Davis, former president of the East Lake Meadows Tenants’ Association. Ms. Davis had a vision that garnered $33.3 million in federal funds from former President Jimmy Carter for community improvement in East Lake. Her vision was expanded after meeting Tom Cousins, philanthropist and businessman, as were the resources for it. Ms. Davis rallied residents to vote to support the redevelopment of the East Lake neighborhood, which paved the way for Tom Cousins and then-Atlanta Housing Authority CEO, Renee Glover, to collaborate with residents and partners to make change happen.

Twenty-five years ago, the East Lake Foundation was established with the ambitious goal of transforming East Lake from one of Atlanta’s most troubled neighborhoods into a thriving community for its families. Alongside dedicated residents, like Eva Davis, and our many incredible partners, we are proud to have established the groundwork for healthier lives for residents, and a community that fosters racial equity, better health outcomes and greater economic mobility.

It is a source of great pride that the work we’ve done in East Lake has spurred a national movement of holistic community revitalization led by Purpose Built Communities, the organization now helping 26 other communities around the country implement the model we started here in East Lake.

While we celebrate this special anniversary, we are not finished. There is still more work to be done. We are focused and committed to ensuring East Lake is a place where people of all ages and incomes choose to seek new, innovative and equitable opportunities for their families. I trust you will remain a supportive and engaged stakeholder in our work.

On behalf of the East Lake Foundation Board, Staff and Partners, thank you for your support in helping create “25 Years of Possibility” for families in our East Lake neighborhood, and for the ripple felt in neighborhoods across the country.

Daniel Shoy, Jr.
President & CEO
East Lake Foundation

The East Lake Foundation provides the tools for families of The Villages of East Lake and students of Drew Charter School to build a better life for themselves and future generations through

  • Cradle-to-College Education
  • Mixed-Income Housing
  • Community Wellness


Impacting Lives of Residents

For more than two decades, we have utilized our integrated holistic approach to community revitalization to build a stronger, healthier community in East Lake and ensure lasting, sustainable success.

ELF Model

A Foundation That Works

Accelerating Change

As the Community Quarterback organization in East Lake, we work within a Defined Neighborhood to provide programs and resources to ensure access to Cradle-to-College Education, Quality Mixed-Income Housing and Community Wellness programs that benefit all residents.

The successful transformation in East Lake became the blueprint for establishing Purpose Built Communities, which continues to build strong, economically diverse communities across the country.

East Lake by the Numbers

Drew Charter School

Charles R. Drew Charter School serves more than 1,800 students in Pre-K through 12th grade with an innovative Project-Based Learning approach centered around a STEAM curriculum.

Drew Senior (#5), Junior (#4) and Elementary (#3) Academies each rank in the Top 10 in all of Atlanta Public Schools (APS). Drew consistently ranks in the top 10% in APS and top 20% in the State of Georgia.

Drew’s Elementary Academy is ranked in the top 3% in the State of Georgia according to the CCRPI.

Early Learning

Drew Charter School recognizes the importance of building a strong foundation for learning early in a child’s life. As a result, Drew works closely with our early learning partners (Cox Pre-K, East Lake Early Learning Academy and Sheltering Arms East Lake) to ensure a seamless transition as students matriculate through our cradle to college education pipeline.

RISE After School Program

RISE After School – R.I.S.E. (Recreation. Innovation. STEAMulation. Education) is a comprehensive after school program for Pre-K through 7th grade students, operating from 4:00PM to 6:00PM daily to provide students opportunities to participate in enrichment activities with their peers.

RCSP Program

The Resident and Community Support Program (RCSP) offers resources and support to residents of The Villages of East Lake mixed-income housing community, with an emphasis on economic stability, career development and community engagement.

RCSP teams with several community partners to enhance employment readiness through financial education workshops, including: financial education, entrepreneurship, homeowner education and career coaching. Residents also receive access to job resources, financial tools, small business start up assistance and much more.

The First Tee® of Metro Atlanta

In 2019, The First Tee® of East Lake and The First Tee® of Atlanta consolidated to become The First Tee® of Metro Atlanta, now serving children and youth in 8 Metro Atlanta counties.

This year-round golf instruction and mentoring program uses the principles of golf, including discipline, hard work, sportsmanship and integrity to enhance academic achievement and life skills for youth participants (ages 5-17).

Golf instruction also provides access to college scholarships, business connections and employment. The First Tee® of Metro Atlanta is one of many chapters nationally in The First Tee® network.

Start:ME Program

Start:ME East Lake is a 14-session program in partnership with Social Enterprise @ Goizueta at Emory University that offers the assistance promising micro-entrepreneurs need to develop viable and sustainable microbusinesses.

Since its inception, Start:ME East Lake has graduated five Cohorts with 77 ventures, 82% of which are still operational and 86% are female/minority-owned. Participants have received more than $80K in community capital funding.

In 2019, 13% of the participants were residents of The Villages of East Lake and 13% of the participants were Drew Charter School parents.

ELHC Program

East Lake Healthy Connections (ELHC), a program in partnership with the East Lake Family YMCA, ensures all eligible East Lake families have access to health insurance, effectively utilize primary and preventive health care services, properly manage chronic diseases and establish contact with accessible medical homes.

Neighborhood Stories

A Neighborhood that Works

More than two- decades after the revitalization of East Lake began, residents and students continue to thrive as a result of the East Lake Foundation’s holistic work in the neighborhood. Here we highlight just a few of the many wonderful experiences from 2019.


Today’s Investment in Tomorrow’s Promise

The East Lake Foundation’s work would not be possible without the generous support of the individuals, businesses and partners that believe in our mission and understand the value of giving back to the community.

Our Donors

We are indebted to the donor support that has contributed mightily to our success.

Visionary $25,000+

Atlas Settlement Group Inc.
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
James M. Cox Foundation
Georgia Power Foundation
The Goizueta Foundation
The Imlay Foundation Inc.
Jack and Anne Glenn Foundation
Jones Day Foundation
Regions Bank
Rotary Educational Foundation of Atlanta Inc.
Sartain Lanier Family Foundation
Starwood Capital Group
Taylor English Duma LLP
United Way of Greater Atlanta 

Innovator $10,000 to $24,999

AEC Trust
CF Foundation
Connolly Family Foundation
The Correll Family Foundation Inc.
Merritt P. Dyke
J.B. Fuqua Foundation
Georgia-Pacific Foundation Inc.
Jillian & Raymond Giornelli
Onome Okuma
Janie and Brian Mahoney
Muhlenkamp Family Fund of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Foundation
Alexandra and Alex Robertson
Robertson Foundation
U.S. Bank Foundation
Wells Fargo

Leader $5,000 to $9,999

Bemis Company
Harvey Brown
The Club of Hearts Inc.
Lane and Richard Courts, IV
Cousins Foundation Inc.
Cheryl and Jim Dupree
Eclipse Gaming Systems LLC
Edward H. Vick Foundation
Lillian and Greg Giornelli
Golf for Goodness Sake
Graciecam Foundation Inc.
John and Mary Franklin Foundation Inc.
Dr. Cynthia Kuhlman and Dr. Kip Sengestock
Liz and Mark Lazarus
Northern Trust
Patrick Family Foundation
Ray M. Robinson
Letal and Shawn N. Skelton
Robert West

Builder $2,500 to $4,999

Cameron and Bryan Debarry
Drew Eckl & Farnham
Phil and Jenny Jacobs
Robert L. Johnston
Mary Ryan & Henry G. Kuhrt Foundation
Ms. Sara Prince
Mark Rahiya
Southern Company
Thomas H. Lanier Family Foundation
Christopher Witcher

Collaborator $1,000 to $2,499

Marcy and Ron W. Allen
Atlanta Falcons Stadium Company LLC
Julie and James Balloun
Lee and Bob Birdsong
Brian Black
Pam and Rick Burton
Jim Case
Chaplin Family Foundation
Kathryn and Kenneth Chenault
Amy W. Corn
Suzanne Cosseboom
Cindra and Dennis Cronin
Susie and Dave Deiters
Wendy and Libbyette Donald-Wright
Earthworm Outdoors, LLC
Catherine and Paul Farrell
Allison Fillmore
Rhonda and Charles Fischer
Jill Fitzgerald
Connie and John Frazer
The Gause Foundation
Georgia Chamber
Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Ernest Golding
Joseph Lee Harris
Linda and Hank Harris  III
The Helen and Harry Saul Foundation Inc.
The Henagan Foundation
Elizabeth Hervey
Katherine K. Hodges
Mary Lynn Jackowicz
Sharon and Richard Jenkins
Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta

Robert Knapp
Daniel Kniffen
Linda Ann Kuryloski
Kristen Loehr and Drew Giblin
Cheryl Lomax
Raymond McGuire
The Billi Marcus Foundation Inc.
Luke Maslow and Justin Cullifer
MMX Management, LLC
Rhonda Morgan
Morgan Stanley Gift Fund
Carol and Tim Naughton
Frank Nicklaus
Danielle and Keenan Nix
Emily L. O’Brien
Mary Ann Ann Polk
Porsche Cars North America Inc.
Lashawn Denise Pyle
Joseph Quash
David and Cecelia Ratcliffe
Pam and Craig Roper
Laura and James Sadd
Dr. Lawrence M. Schall
Greta and Nate Seymour
Anthony Spikes
Nancy Surbaugh
Bentina Chisolm Terry
Thomas Thomasma
Sarah Tostevin
Eric Williams
Ketiwe G. Zipperer 

Partner $250 to $999

Madelyn R. Adams
Lesa Adeboye’-Payne
A. Allen
Ronald E. Alston
American Employment Law Council Inc.
Rick and Lyn Asbil
Eric Ayers
Heather Bailey
Matthew Bartch
Ms. April Battiste
Lola and Charles Battle
Rick and Renee Bent
Andrew Blaisdell
Boston Consulting Group
Peter M. Candler
Allison Countryman
Barbara Crum
Employee Charity Organization (Echo) of Northrop Grumman
Reginald Dawson
Anne and Michael Easterly
Suzanne and Edward Godfrey
Tim Gray
John B. Haberlen
Michael B. Hagearty
Mary Lou and John Hall
Gary Handler
Susan Harrod
Alison and John Hashimoto
HB Fashion, Inc
Amy and Bill Hollett
Priscilla and Linton Hopkins
Harry and Telside Howard
Ursula and Willis Hunt
Shirley Hunter
Ed Jennings, Jr.
Diane and Rick Jerue
Richard Johnson

Kevin Joseph Keogh, Jr.
Tiffany and Bruce Kirst
Korean Wives Hospitality Group
Carroll and Alfred Lindseth
Randall Long
Steve W. Maas
John Majors
Jennifer Ware McCrary
Wangui McKelvey
Sarah and David McKenney
Barbara and Alan McKnight
Peter McKnight
Temple Millsap
Brittany and John Molinaro
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust
Lindsay and Robert Murphy
Muthig Environmental Inc.
Eric O’Brien
Tywonia Orum
Tracey and Miller Peer
Chrissy and Keene Reese
Julia and Hamilton Reynolds
Jim Sawyer
Daniel J. Shoy
Wesley Spiro
Patty Stafford
Pinckney Stephens
James and Janie Stratigos
Carl Swearingen
Third Century Investment Associates LP
Jonathan Tugman
Chip and Kim Wallace
Cary and Herron W. Weems
Zachry Young 

Friend $1 to $249

Anonymous (6)
Kirk Adams
Mary Ann and Henry Howard
Michael Arrington
Aspen Heights Atlanta
Elizabeth Astin
Judith and Camillus Avent
Carol and Newell Baker
Lee Barkley
Ruth and Raymond Baskette
Dejernette Beaty
Gloria and Thomas Bennett
Lee Birdsong
William Ross Boatwright
Jessie Bond
Allison Braswell
Laura Braswell
Dr. Tom Brillante
Matthew Cain
Asa and June Candler
Nancy and Charles Clark
Tom Clegg
Henry Colen
Adam Coletta
Lisa D. Cooper
Chad Cox
Tonya L. Craddieth
Janet Cragan
Richard L. Cravey
Miles Daly, Jr.
Maritza Davis
Diane Dean
Deb and Travis Hudson
Decatur First United Methodist Church Inc.
Jason Dobbs
Leigh and Willis Dobbs
Tobars Dobbs
Don Doran
Mynel and David Dubose
Martin P. Dugan
Danielle Dunbar
John K. Durst
Cameron Eck
Jane Edwards
Caled Elemam
Mildred R. Elliott
Mrs. Elise Eplan and Mr. Bob Macrovitch
Marguerite Lesley Fant
Adam Fitzsimmons
Jimmy Fluker
Bev Ford
Terrence Ford
Patrick Forquer
Thomas Franklin
Stacey French-Lee
Caroline Garcia
Max Garcia
Christian Geltz
Lucia Gilbert
Geoffrey Gillon
Melissa Gleeson
Patrick Gleeton
Scott Goldfuss
Ted Griffith
Joyce and Humberto Guzman
Wesley Hackney
Mary and Chris Hagy
Olivia Hails
Betsy Halcomb
Erin Hames
Susan M. Harrell
Valerie Hartman
Robert W. Hearn  Jr.
Caleb Heath
Corbin Heath
Ruby and Jack Heath
Shannon Heath-Longino
Shalondra Henry
Nicholas Hill
Patricia and Eric Hingst
Julie C. Hudson
Stephanie Hunt
Chadwick Hunter
Joshua Hunter
Betsy and Clyde Ingalls
Audrey Jackson
Joi Jackson
Nancy and Douglas D. James
Mary and James Jarboe
Jean and Jack Glenn
Phyllis Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Hurt
Elena Kaplan
Reba and George Keller
Sandra Kellner
Lorenzo Kilgore
Will Kilpatrick
Geoffrey Keitt King
Patrina King
Angela and Kevin Kirchner
Emily Kosolapoff
Angeline Kringel 

Anne Lathem
John Lawrie
Edward Lee
Susan and Chris Leiner
Dave Lindner
Dianne Loring
Matt Lovein
Ted and Molly Lucien
Reid Luepke
Amy Macklin
Hadley Marshall
Tom McHaney
Cinnamon McLin
Chris Millner
Danetta Minor
Terry Mitchell
Vivian Moore
Christine Morgan
Carter and Hampton Morris
Brian Munn
Michael Nelson
Roxanne Nicolas
Northwestern Mutual – Goodwin, Wright
Michael Orourke
Kyle O’Rourke
Kan and Carl Parker
April Partridge
Kelley Harris and Jared Paul
Elizabeth and Peter Paulsen
Shelby Pease
Dale Peck
Donald Peer
Stacy Pelick
Dannie Sue Perry
India and Jim Peters
Charlotte and Pete Pfeiffer
Debbie Phillips
Cynthia and Wayne Pierce
Paul Pilcher
Bert Ponder
Terri Potter
David Pulliam
Retha and Douglas Puvogel
David Quillian
Anwar Raghman
Matt Recio
Victoria Greehood and Robert B. Remar
Kyle Ricketts
Philip Ricks
Sara and Ronald Riggle
Betsy and Haynes Roberts
Graham Roberts
Peggy and Michael Roberts
Sara Kate Roberts
Michael Rock
Gail E. Ronan
Anthony Ruane
Mary Schaller
Christopher Schatzman
Mary Schrope
Harold Seldon
Senior Golfers Association of Atlanta
Taylor Senter
Bennie Shaw
Charles B. Shelton, III
Chris Singerman
E.K. Smith
William D. Smith, Jr.
Ms. Becky Snider
Mary and Richard Snyder
Michael Speier
Brittany and Jonathan St. Clair
Darlene and Ed St. Clair
Jeffery Stenzel
Miki and Seegar Swanson
Sycamore Square Condominium
Nicole Patton Terry
Tommy Thayer
Sharon and William Thomas
Tammy Thomas
Dennette Thornton
Matthew Tollison
Sara Towe
Shirley Trussell
Harrilee Underwood
Jonathan Upham
Mrs. Kirby J. Vanderyt
Jennifer and Tom Venker
Allison Wade
Jacob Wamsley II
Glenn Warren
Dave Watson
Kristen and Jim Weathersby
Meisha B. White
Betty and James Williams
William Witcher, Jr.
Vicki and Michael Wittland
Catherine Woodling
Richard T. Woods
World Golf Foundation
Leisa and Lyman Wray
Coleman Younger

Our Events

Charlie Yates Memorial Golf Tournament

Mrs. Lillian Giornelli
Mr. and Mrs. P. Russell Hardin
Mr. Joseph Lee Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hatcher
Mr. Douglas D. James
Mr. Alan D. Jenkins
Mrs. Cheryl Lomax

Mr. John McNicholas
Mr. David Roemer
Mr. and Mrs. David Sutherland
Mrs. Lucy Vance
Mr. Mike Waldron
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Yates
Mr. and Mrs. Carter R. Yates
Mr. and Mrs. Comer Yates

Swing for East Lake

Alston & Bird LLP
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Baltz, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy G. Barber
Mr. Andrew Bayman
Mr. and Mrs. Jon R. Harris, Jr
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Corley
Delta Community Credit Union Philanthropic Fund
Mr. Paul Ferdinands
Georgia Chamber
Ms. Tisha Tallman
Mr. Brent Gilfedder
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Hardesty
Jackson Spalding
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Johnston

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Kamin
King & Spalding
Ms. Letitia McDonald and Mr. William Muller
Dr. Amon Meadows
Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Holladay, Jr.
Mrs. Lillian Giornelli
Mr. Les Oakes
Mr. and Mrs. Rahul Patel
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Edward Paulhus
Mr. B. Warren Pope
Mr. and Mrs. Russell B. Richards
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Smith

East Lake Invitational

Covenant Foundation
Crawford Investment Counsel Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Davis
Delta Airlines Inc.
Mr. Merritt P. Dyke
Mr. Emmanuel Fialkow
Homrich Berg Inc.
Jones Day
Mr. and Mrs. Arvind Krishnaswami
Mrs. Cheryl Lomax
Mansfield Oil
Muthig Environmental Inc.
NCR Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Martin M. Neary
Mr. Geral Render
RSM US Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ryan
Shi International Corp.
Mr. Randall L. Stephenson
Mr. Ben C. Sutton, Jr.
The Thomas and Lauren C. Hudson Charitable Foundation
Troutman Sanders LLP
United Distributors Inc.
V’ AL Kol Yisrael Foundation Inc
Walmart Foundation
World Wide Technology

Party on the Green

Herb Allen
Mr. and Mrs. John Alston Sr.
Altec Industries, Inc.
Angelakis Family Foundation
Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau
Mr. and Mrs. James Armstrong
Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation
Will and Danielle Battle
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Battle
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Battle
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Battle, Jr.
Ms. Alice Ann Battle
Aneel Bhusri
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Blanchard
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Blanchard, Jr.
Mr. Chris A. Bontrager
Mr. Elwyn T. Bridges
The Broadfield Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brown
Mrs. Donna McMurrey Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Burton
Mr. Peter M. Candler
Caterpillar, Inc.
Caterpillar Inc. C/O Yancey Bros. Company
Chick-fil-A, Inc.
Phyllis and Tim Christian
The Coca-Cola Company
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Coco
ColumbiaTheological Seminary
The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta
Lockton Companies
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Correll
The Correll Family Foundation
Cousins Foundation, Inc.
Cousins Properties, Inc.
Cox Foundations
Coxe Curry & Associates
Arnethia and Andrew Crockett
Ronald Cross
Mr. and Mrs. Knox Culpepper
Mr. and Mrs. George Davis, Jr.
Deloitte & Touche LLP
Delta Community Credit Union Philanthropic Fund
Mr. Walter M. Deriso
Mr. Darren DeVore
The Dove Family Foundation
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Mr. and Mrs. Jim D. Edwards
Emerson Electric
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Mr. Thomas Farrell, II
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Rowling Foundation
The Honorable Shirley C. Franklin
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Georgia Chamber
Georgia Power Foundation, Inc.
Gleacher & Company
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Goodell
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The Toby S. Wilt Family Foundation
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Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Yates, III
YMCA of Metropolitan Atlanta, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Young, Jr.
Mr. Andrew Ziegler
Natasha and Dirk Ziff

In Tribute


Ann and Thomas G. Cousins

CF Foundation
Dr. Michael B. Hagearty
Dr. Cynthia Kuhlman
Dr. George Wirth

Dick Cravey

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Cravey
Ms. Terri Potter

Jay Davis

Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta

East Lake Foundation Staff

Joi Jackson

Jim Edwards

CF Foundation

John and Connie Frazer

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Harris, III

Ann Giornelli and Noah Wooward

Mrs. Elise Eplan and Mr. Bob Marcovitch
Ms. Valerie Hartman

Priscilla and Linton C. Hopkins, III

Mr. Merritt P. Dyke

Jane and Clayton F. Jackson

Molly and Ted Lucien

Joseph M. Maas

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Jarboe

Tim Minard

Earthworm Outdoors LLC

Will Oesterreich

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Chad and Carrie Parker

Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Parker

Bert Ponder

Mr. & Mrs. Travis Hudson, II

Graham Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Roberts

Daniel Shoy, Jr.

Mrs. Elise Eplan and Mr. Bob Marcovitch
Ms. Shalondra Henry and Mr. Ryan McNeil
Mrs. Maritza Lenard and Mr. Phil Walters

Martin Stephenson

Edward Lee

Catherine Tiller


Lorna and Ralph Venker

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Venker

Christopher Witcher

Mr. William G. Witcher, Jr.

Robert Yanker

Bemis Company

In Memory

Caroline Cousins

Father James L. Harrison

Eva Davis

Shannon Heath-Longino

William B Estes III

Ms. Susan Harrod

Russell L. Fairley, Jr.

Ms. Julie Hudson

Mr. James Hall

Dr. Cynthia Kuhlman and Dr. Kip Sengstock
Mr. Peter McKnight
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Helen Harrison

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Jerry and Joe Patrick

Patrick Family Foundation

William H. Rice

Ms. Elizabeth Astin
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Baskette
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bennett
Jane Edwards
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Mr. and Mrs. Jack F. Glenn, Jr.
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Bennie & Georgia Shaw

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Paul Valente

Ms. Dianne Loring
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Pfeiffer
Ms. Mary Schrope
Sycamore Square Condominium
Ms. Shirley Trussell
Mr. Tom Vardase

Don Wray

Leisa and Lyman Wray

Our Board of Directors

The guidance and commitment of our Board of Directors is crucial to our continued success.

Executive Committee

Executive Vice President and President, External Affairs, Southern Company

Ex Officio – Immediate Past Chair
President, Oglethorpe University

Vice Chair
Partner, The Pendleton Consulting Group

Board Member
Managing Director of Private Client Services, Investment Research & Advisory Group

Board Member
Chair, Purpose Built Schools Atlanta Board

Board Member
Executive Director, CF Foundation

Board of Directors

Managing Director of Private Client Services, Investment Research & Advisory Group

Executive Director, CF Foundation

John H. Harland Dean of Goizueta Business School, Emory University

President and Founder, First Communities

Chairman, NBC Sports Cable Group, NBC Universal

Business and Civic Leader

Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, Chick-fil-A

Partner, McKinsey & Company

Chief Retail Sales Officer and Senior Vice President, USA Operations, Coca-Cola Company

Managing Partner, Tiger Management, LLC

President Emeritus, East Lake Golf Club; Citizens Trust Bank

President and Chief Executive Officer, East Lake Foundation

Meisha White
Treasurer of the Board, Not a voting member

Secretary of the Board, Not a voting member

Our Partners


At a Glance

Here is an overview of our financials for the fiscal year of 2019.




*These unaudited numbers reflect the revenue and expenses of the East Lake Foundation and its charitable contributions to its partners in the East Lake Initiative.

The East Lake Foundation

Impacting Lives of Our Community

Over the last two decades, the Foundation has proven that working with residents and public and private partners, while providing the right combination of comprehensive programs and services, is transformative for the community.

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