A Statement from Drew Charter School Head of School, Peter McKnight

Based on the events of the past few weeks and particularly over the past few days, I find myself disturbed as I am sure that so many of you are as well.  I am angry, and I am sad.  I have watched our country’s terrible history of racism continue to end the lives of black Americans and threaten the lives of my black friends, colleagues, and current and former students.  I do not have the answers for how we destroy a system that is so deeply ingrained in the fabric of our country, but I believe that this is the work Drew Charter School is committed to and that this is my own life’s work as a privileged white man, father and educator.  I also believe that silence is complicity and I will not – we as a school will not – be complicit in ongoing systematic racism.  As a school that has worked to foster a commitment to social justice and equity, we affirm the lives of each of our black students and staff and the value they bring to the Drew community and this world.  Please look for more to come, but for now, know that I, and we, stand in solidarity with all members of our community in opposition to these intolerable atrocities.  In the meantime, know that we support and love you.