Our Mission

The East Lake Foundation collaborates with The Villages of East Lake residents, Charles R. Drew Charter School families, and other key service providers to ensure every member of our community has equitable access to the resources, tools and supports needed to thrive.

Our Approach


The strategy begins by enhancing a community’s residential foundation through safe, high-quality housing for all income levels, ensuring a significant portion is dedicated to long-term, permanent affordability to reduce displacement in the neighborhood.


Education, beginning at birth, is vital for healthy child development. High-quality, community-serving schools within a comprehensive early learning to grade 12 pathway foster children’s development and prepare them for college or their chosen post-graduate path.


Thriving neighborhoods prioritize wellness through medical care, mental health support, healthy food access, community spaces, arts, culture, and green areas. Tailored facilities and programs promote belonging, honor history, encourage healthy lifestyles, create jobs, and enhance safety for overall well-being.


A strong commercial core fosters neighborhood prosperity and residents’ economic advancement, offering opportunities for meaningful work and wealth building. A dual-pronged strategy supporting opportunities across income levels ensures abundant local resources and participation in a thriving economy.


Neighborhoods are the unit of change that can have the greatest impact on people’s lives, changing life trajectories for the lowest-income residents, creating greater racial equity, improved health outcomes, and increased upward mobility.


The Community Quarterback organization effectively executes this model, collaborating with stakeholders to seamlessly integrate all the vital components that contribute to neighborhood prosperity and growth.

East Lake Foundation
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