Charity Challenge Raises Nearly $1.4 Million for East Lake Foundation

It was a beautiful day out at the East Lake Golf Course. The weather was perfect, and we got a chance to enjoy a nice breeze. It was such an honor to walk the nine holes alongside Mariah Stackhouse, Warrick Dawn, Justin Rose, and Andruw Jones. This experience has been truly inspiring. To witness Ms. Stackhouse, an African American who plays professional golf in predominantly white sport, her prominence in this capacity has motivated me in many ways. Walking the East Lake back nine holes with two wonderful people from the East Lake Foundation, Catherine Woodling and Danny Shoy, was such a great opportunity. I met many different successful people that work alongside the PGA Tour! I learned so much and enjoyed being a part of such a great event. As I was walking the course, I got a chance to interact with some of the kids that were chosen to play a part in the Charity Challenge. It was an honor to get a chance to talk to Hailey Fisher, a senior at Drew Charter School. I interviewed Hailey after she got done hitting off the number 11 tee box.

The Charity Challenge raised a total of $1,385,000 for the East Lake Foundation. Through education, mixed income housing, and community wellness, the East Lake Foundation gives families in The Villages of East Lake and students at Drew Charter School the resources they need to achieve a better life for themselves and future generations. That means so much and is a true blessing in many ways. The East Lake Foundation helps support and fund our College and Career Readiness (CCR) Team at Drew Charter. The CCR team is a tremendously big help to our students at Drew Charter School. They are very supportive in many ways and provide us with the resources that we need to be successful in college. I’m really thankful for the East Lake Foundation because they play a major role in Drew Charter students’ futures, which I support one hundred percent.

This year the East Lake is playing a major role in supporting families during this COVID-19 pandemic. The East Lake Foundation has provided assistance to 82% of families living in The Villages of East Lake, including more than $370,000 in rent and utility assistance at The Villages of East Lake. All this to say, I have no doubt that the East Lake Foundation will do great things with the money raised from this Charity Challenge. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to be able to be a part of the Charity Challenge involved with the PGA Tour Championship!

By Shelby Ross, Drew Charter School Senior and Member of the Drew Charter School Girls Golf Team

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