REACH Riverside Welcomes New Board Member: Daniel Shoy, Jr., President and CEO of the East Lake Foundation

REACH Riverside (REACH), a member of the WRK Group (The Warehouse, REACH, and the Kingswood Community Center) announces the appointment of a new member to its Board of Directors following an election during the organization’s January board meeting.

Joining the REACH board is Daniel Shoy, Jr., President and CEO of the East Lake Foundation (The Foundation). Mr. Shoy has 26 years of experience in the nonprofit sector with organizations focused on youth and community development. In his current role, Mr. Shoy is responsible for strategic planning and goal setting that drive’s The Foundation’s mission of providing tools for families in The Villages of East Lake and students in the Charles R. Drew Charter School pipeline to build better lives for themselves and future generations. Both REACH and The Foundation are affiliates of Purpose Built Communities, a national model that helps local leaders create greater racial equity, economic mobility, and improved health outcomes for families and children.

Upon joining the board, Mr. Shoy said, “I am honored to be joining REACH’s Board of Directors. REACH continues to do tremendous work while offering desperately needed services for the Riverside community through its three pillars of redevelopment, education, and community health. I look forward to learning from the innovative approach that the REACH staff and board are leading through the WRK Group to bring those best practices to East Lake, Atlanta, and other Purpose Built Communities’ neighborhoods.”

“As REACH begins phase one of its EMPOWER (Economic Mobility Places Ownership Within Everyone’s REACH) initiative, which combines sequential and ongoing services designed to support families holistically as they transition into new housing units of high-quality, mixed-income homes, we are excited to continue to partner with community leaders such as Danny and to position his unique skills and interests towards our mission of serving the Riverside neighborhood.” – Logan Herring, CEO of REACH Riverside, The Warehouse and the Kingswood Community Center

“Danny’s’s extensive background in nonprofit leadership and, in particular, his deep experience leading the East Lake Foundation and his connection with all the Purpose Built affiliates, makes him an invaluable addition to our board. We are excited and thankful to have him join our team.” – Charles S. McDowell Esq., Chairman of the Board of Directors, REACH Riverside

Mr. Shoy joins a 15-member board that oversees REACH’s financial and strategic growth including: Perry Beberman, Stephen D. Briggs, Hon. Sherry Dorsey Walker, Don Fulton, Rita Landgraf, Charles S. McDowell, Esq. (Chair), Sonia Paredes, Ray Rhodes (Vice Chair), Bettina Tweardy Riveros, Dionna J. Sargent, Fred Sears, Kevin L. Smith, Hon. James Spadola, and Jocelyn Stewart.


As a member of the Purpose Built Communities Network, a nationally renowned organization dedicated to holistic community redevelopment, REACH Riverside focuses on the three pillars of revitalization shown to have the greatest impact on long-term community health and well-being: redevelopment, education, and community health.


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Media Contact: Jen Lienhard