2021 Donors

Visionary: $25,000 +

Americold Logistics
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation
CF Foundation
Connolly Family Foundation
The Correll Family Foundation Inc.
Cousins Foundation, Inc.
Cox Enterprises Inc.
The James M. Cox Foundation
Georgia Power Foundation, Inc.
Jack & Anne Glenn Foundation
The Golf Channel
The Imlay Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Johnston
The Charles and Esther Lee Kimerling Charitable Foundation
ML Industries, Inc/Dunn Family Foundation
Martin and Kim Neary
Nonami Foundation
Purpose Built Communities, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Robertson
Rogers Electric Service Corporation
United Way of Greater Atlanta/Joseph B. Whitehead Foundation

Innovator: $10,000 - $24,999

Aaron’s, Inc.
Bayne Advisors
Roz and John Brewer
Chick-fil-A, Inc.
Columbia Residential
The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta
Covenant Foundation
Cozen O’Connor
CVS Caremark Charity Classic
Georgia-Pacific Foundation Inc.
The Club of Hearts, Inc./ Georgia Power Company
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Giornelli
Mike and Gillian Goodrich
Neville and Pamela Isdell
Sartain Lanier Family Foundation
The Billi Marcus Foundation, Inc.
Monarch Private Capital
Norfolk Southern Corporation
Onome Okuma
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Palmer
Poole Family Charitable Fund
Porsche Cars North America, Inc.
Robertson Foundation
Ray M. Robinson
Lin and Alexia Rogers
Southern Company
Taylor English Duma, LLP
Waffle House, Inc.
David Wahrhaftig
Wells Fargo

Leader: $5,000 - $9,999

AAPCO Southeast, Inc.
Accenture LLP
Acuity Brands, Inc.
Altec Industries, Inc.
Arnall Golden Gregory LLP
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bardis
CF Foundation
David Cummings
Delta Community Credit Union
Equifax Inc.
John and Mary Franklin Foundation, Inc.
Global Payments Inc.
Graciecam Foundation Inc.
Homrich and Berg, Inc.
Dr. Cynthia Kuhlman and Dr. Kip Sengestock
Liz and Mark Lazarus
Liberty Furniture Industries
Missy and Doug MacGinnitie
Wangui McKelvey
MedAssets, Inc.
NCR Corporation
Northern Trust
Patrick Family Foundation
PNC Financial Services Group
GT Render Family Foundation
David Roemer and Ideas United
Shah Family Foundation
Ben Sutton
The J Tucker Foundation
Turner Enterprises Inc.
United Distributors, Inc.
Universal Joint Catering
Chris Womack
Yancey Bros. Co.

Builder: $2,500 - $4,999

Paula and Brant Andrews
Lucinda and Bob Chapman
Lisa and Steward Cink
The Cobb Community Foundation
James and Jessica Douglas
Mr. and Mrs. Curly Dossman, Jr.
Elizabeth Fenwick
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence L. Gellerstedt
Halloran Family Charitable Fund
Sara and David Hathaway
Dr. and Mrs. Linton Hopkins
Jenny and Phil Jacobs
Kelin Foundation
Kilpatrick Stockton LLP
McKinsey & Company
Alison Madsen
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Muir
Danielle and Keenan Nix
Martha and Billy Payne
Quality Growth Institute
David and Cecelia Ratcliffe
Mark Rahiya
Ms. Joyce Reto
Silver Cloud Fund
Toldright, LLC
Tull Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Christopher Witcher
Sally and Comer Yates
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Yates, III

Collaborator: $1,000 - $2,499

Marcia and Ronald Allen
Marcia and Ronald Allen
Donyal Andrews
Paula and Brant Andrews
Atlanta Braves
Atlanta Falcons Stadium Company LLC
Julie and James Balloun
April Battiste
Re’Nauta Bell
Lee Birdsong
Laura Bollman and Preston Cockey
Rita Breen
Gary S. Brochin
Pam and Rick Burton
Mr. James Case
Beth and Rick Chandler
Sidney Gause Childress
Mr. Hal Daughdrill
Scott and Margaret Dozier
Kirk Elifson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Farrell
Allison and Scott Fillmore
The Fischer Family
Mr. and Mrs. John Frazer
Georgia Power Company
Drew and Kristen Giblin-Loehr
Tim Gray
Greater Horizons
Helen C. Griffith
Christine Hales
Mr. James Hamilton
Mr. Joseph Lee Harris
Juanika Mainor Harper
Valerie Hartman
Shannon Heath-Longino
Elizabeth Hervey
Gale Hill
Phil and Melinda Holladay
IREM – Friends of Shannon
Arthur, Tleatha and Aaron Johnson
Buster Joyner
Lindsey and Josh Kamin
Greg Kelly
Patrina King
Mary Ryan and Henry G. Kuhrt Foundation
Linda Kuryloski and John Curran
Jeff Levy
Cheryl Lomax
Phillip McCrorie
Joel McElhannon
William and Lisa McGahan Family Foundation
MARTA Employees Charity Club
Peter C. Moister
Kendall and Preston Moister
Rhonda Morgan
Carol and Tim Naughton
Emily and Eric O’Brien
Chad and Carrie Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Nate Seymour
Dr. and Mrs. Miles Snowden
Mildred and John Spalding
Nancy S. Surbaugh
Ryan Swenson
T. Dallas Smith & Company, LLC.
Bentina Terry
Rev. Dr. Tom and Suzanne Tewell
Thomas Thomasma
Nikita Trivedi
Jonathan Tugman
Turner Foundation, Inc.
Lauren Udell
Vulcan Materials Company
Denise and Clint Walker
John Wallace
Kathy N. Waller
Ruth Woodling
Ms. Crystal Woods
Matt Wren
Sherry and Billy Wren
Carter and Nancy Yates
Ketiwe Zipperer

Partner: $250 - $999

Madelyn R. Adams
Ron Alston
Jeff Armstrong
Eric Ayers and Alamanzia Opeyo
Liliana Bakhtiari
Josh Bartlett
Rick Bent and Renee Kastanakis
Claude Bey
Mrs. Lynda Bisher
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Blanchard, Jr.
Althea Broughton
Mr. Peter M. Candler
Gary and Michele Carr
Kimberly Case
Ms. Allison Countryman
Cindra and Dennis Cronin
Reginald Dawson
Charles R. Drew Charter School Board of Directors
The Dunn Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Ethridge
Deirdra Glover
Dr. John B. Haberlen
Dr. Michael Hagearty
Bonnie and Jon Harris
Sarah and Harvey Hill, Jr.
Nicholas and Kenan Hill
Amy and Bill Hollett
Brian Jack
Ms. Joi Jackson
Ryan Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jennings, Jr.
Diane and Rick Jerue
Donna Kelce
Jason Li
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Lindseth, Jr.
Catherine and Burt Livezey
Dr. and Mrs. John Lochridge
Jennifer McCrary
Barbara and Alan McKnight
John Majors
Janet and Eddie Meyers
Peter Moraitakis
Kristin Myers
Tywonia Orum
John Patchoski
Jared Paul and Kelley Harris
Erin Pickens
Wayne and Cynda Pierce
Rhonda and Bert Ponder
Sara Prince
Pvt. Label Cigartainment
Edith Richardson
Jose Rodriguez
Charlie Ross
Rodney Sanders
Andrew Schaefler
Amanda Schroeder
Doug Seale
Danny Shoy, Jr.
Tim Singer
Denoavis Smartt
Sogamott Foundation
Janie and Jim Stratigos
Pinckney Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Swearingen
Rontavius Telfair
Sarah Tostevin
Jennifer and Morgan Tucker
Karen J. Vanderyt
Keller Withers

Friend $50 - $249

Chris Albright
Faith Agee
Rosemarie Ashton
Atlanta City Council, District 5
Mr. Curtis Augustin
Evette Avery
Newell Baker
Darlene Bankston
Charlie Battle
Shannon Bergman
Ms. Jessie Bond
Alyson Britt
Demetrice Brown
Douglas Bryant
Travis Carroll
Theresa Cartwright
Claire Charhon
Trent Christian
Danna Clary
Mr. Thomas S. Clegg
William Corley
Robert Craft
Natalie Culpepper
Luther C. Curtis
Michelle Daniel
Minnie Davis
Walter Davis
Angela Denson
Lynn Disbrow
The Dobbs Family
Ronald Domanico
Nancy and Don Doran
Mr. Martin Dugan
Jane Maas Edwards
Mr. Jeffrey Eliason and Ms. Angela Fusaro
Elaine Enright
Ryan Enright
Keisha Favors-Williams
Marilyn and Charles Fischer
John Fleming
Ms. Evelyn Ford
Stacey French-Lee
Leonardo Freyre
Denise Froemming
Terra Gay
Christian Geltz, D.O.
Dr. Leland H. Griffin
Ms. Bianca Golden
Joseph Goodall
Marilyn Hack
Mary Lou and John W. Hall
Carrie Hamilton
Susan Harrell
Bryan Harris
Faith Harris
Fr. James L. Harrison
Susan Harrod
Karen Hatcher
Robert W. Hearn, Jr.
Mr. Caleb Heath
Corbin Heath
Sherida Heath
Yashica Heath
Ouida Heath
Ckyla Heath-Longino
Max and Amy Heineman
Mrs. Nathan Vanmeter Hendricks, III
Laura and Brian Henry
Ms. Marilyn J. Hill and Ms. Lynne T. Slaughter
Chad and Laurie Hood
Deb and Travis Hudson
Beverly and Charles Hurt
Steve Husarik
Gretel Ingram-Smith
Barbara Jaco
Van Jakes
James Jarboe
Todd Jennings
Nataline Johnson
Lisa Jordan
Mr. Richard Kessler, Jr.
Lorenzo and Shun Kilgore
Kevin Kirchner and Angela Weiss
Sandra and Walter Kruger
Greg Leaphart
Susan and Chris Leiner
Charndrea Leonard
Blake Lewis
Cameron Lilly
Kathy P. Loiselle
Elise Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Lucien
Peter McKnight
Valerie Manson
Dr. Jonathan Matthews
Traci Messier
Mizuno USA
MLD & Associates
Brittany and John Molinaro
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Daniel Mooza
Hampton and Carter Morris
Mr. and Mrs. James Napier
Anna and Andrew Navratil
Lance Netland
Josh Newton
Kamau and Felicia Nickerson
Chidimma Nzerem
Hannah Page
Mahalia Paul
Will Peace
Shelby Pease
Kary Perry
Cynthia Peterson
Debbie Phillips
Terri Potter
Haaris Quraishy
Anwar Raghman
Matt Recio
Robert Remar
Shaundrea Rhodes
Mr. and Mrs. Haynes Roberts
Latoya Roberts-Hill
Sara Kate Roberts
Amy Roemer
Gail Ronan
Gottaluv Ros
Eric Rosen
Mr. and Mrs. Edward St. Clair
Chris Sears
Bridget Seery
Charles Shelton, III
Tammy Shepard
Leroy H. Simkins, Jr.
Luana K. Slaughter
Tameka Smith
Mr. Doug Squillario
Susan Stanley
The Stitchman Company
Emily Stromquist
Nellie Taylor
Tommy Thayer
Lanny S. Thomas
Sharon Thomas
Jennifer Trent
Abba Unk
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Virgin
Brigitta Ward
John Watson
Chip Watts
Melanie and William Wesley
Deborah Westphal
Mr. Cody White
Mrs. Meisha B. White
Jill and Jeff White
Mary Wiggins
Vance Wilder
Amy and Doug Williams
Tamara Willingham-Hatcher
Janice Wittschiebe
Catherine Woodling and Evan Strange
Muriel Woods
Leisa and Lyman Wray
Ms. Sheila Wyatt
Jennifer Young
Suzanne Young

In Honor

In Honor Of Mr. John Beal
Chad and Laurie Hood

In Honor Of Pam and Rick Burton
Sherry and Billy Wren
Mr. Matt Wren

In Honor Of Ann and Thomas G. Cousins
Paula and Brant Andrews
Mr. Jeff Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Burton
Dr. and Mrs. Linton C. Hopkins III
Mr. Peter McKnight
Amanda Schroeder
Danny Shoy, Jr.
Rev. Dr. Tom and Suzanne Tewell

In Honor Of Heather Dunbar
Ms. Elise Lopez

In Honor Of East Lake
Ms. Nellie Taylor

In Honor Of East Lake Invitational
Mr. Jeff Levy

In Honor Of Equality
Dr. Jonathan Matthews

In Honor Of Ms. Sher Feezell
Chad and Laurie Hood

In Honor Of James Gabrielsen Jr.
Mary Wiggins

In Honor Of Lillian Giornelli
Mildred and John Spalding

In Honor Of Xander Greene
Jill and Jeff White

In Honor Of Michael B. Hagearty
Dr. Leland Griffin

In Honor Of Charlie and Sylvia Harrison
Mr. Christopher Witcher

In Honor Of Shannon Heath Longino
Mr. Rontavius Telfair
Ms. Debbie Phillips
Barbara Jaco
Mr. Chip Watts

In Honor Of Richard Hill
Nicholas and Kenan Hill

In Honor Of Beth Holder
Mildred and John Spalding

In Honor Of Dr. Linton Hopkins
Mildred and John Spalding

In Honor Of Julie Hudson
Mr. William Corley

In Honor Of Jane and Clayton F. Jackson
Ted and Marilyn Lucien

In Honor Of Ms. Dorothy Kelly
Chad and Laurie Hood

In Honor Of Frank Merritt
Mr. Hal Daughdrill

In Honor Of Lisa Moraitakis
Mr. Peter Moraitakis

In Honor Of Chad Parker and Dave Purdie
Pvt. Label Cigartainment

In Honor Of Levi Marie Perry
Kary Perry

In Honor Of Wayne Pierce
Cynthia and Wayne Pierce

In Honor Of Bert Ponder
Deb and Travis Hudson

In Honor Of Lin Rogers
Mr. Doug Seale

In Honor Of Jonathan St. Clair
Darlene and Ed St. Clair

In Honor Of Daniel J. Shoy, Sr.
Ms. Alison Madsen
MLD & Associates
Carol Naughton

In Honor Of Stephanie Surbaugh and Greg Payne
Mr. Matt Wren
Sherry and Billy Wren

In Honor Of Grant Thornton
Mr. Ronald Domanico

In Honor Of Catherine Woodling and Evan Strange
Sandra and Walter Kruger

In Memory

In Memory Of Eugene Alston
Ms. April Battiste

In Memory Of Furman Bisher
Mrs. Lynda Bisher

In Memory Of Caroline Cousins
James L. Harrison

In Memory Of Robert W. Cousins
James L. Harrison

In Memory Of Eva Davis
Ms. Evette Avery
Lynn Disbrow
Denise Froemming
Ms. Brigitta Ward
Jennifer Young

In Memory Of Jim Deakins
Emily Stromquist

In Memory Of Don & Clara Edwards
Arthur, Tleatha and Aaron Johnson

In Memory Of William B Estes III
Ms. Susan Harrod

In Memory Of Lovell Fritz
Mr. Doug Squillario

In Memory Of Richard Frye
Haaris Quraishy

In Memory Of Trent S. Harper
Ms. Terra Gay

In Memory Of Rosetta Heath-Walker
Dr. Cynthia Kuhlman
Mr. Peter McKnight
Ms. April Battiste
Charles R. Drew Charter School

In Memory Of Gretel Ingram-Smith
Ms. Gretel Ingram-Smith

In Memory Of Charley Joyner
Buster Joyner

In Memory Of Luther Kelley
Mr. Luther Curtis

In Memory Of Dr. W. T. Leaphart
Mr. Greg Leaphart

In Memory Of Joseph M. Maas
Jane Edwards
Mr. James Jarboe

In Memory Of Lucinda Morrell
Ms. April Battiste

In Memory Of Jerry and Joe Patrick
Patrick Family Foundation

In Memory Of Steven W. Surbaugh
Nancy Surbaugh

In Memory Of Lorna Venker
Ms. Kathy Loiselle

In Memory Of Mary Vincent
Ms. Tameka Smith

In Memory Of Bruce Wittschiebe
Janice Wittschiebe